Progress new RBR track Gestel 2

Progress new RBR track Gestel 2

Here is a brief update on the construction of the new RBR track Gestel 2. It did take some time for me to become acquainted with Blender. But it was well worth it because the RBR Blender Add-on has made significant progress. This Blender addon has considerably enlarged the creative and technical possibilities for us […]

EasyRBR released

Due to the Physics upgrade to NGP7, EasyRBR has been updated to version In addition, of course, the NGP plugin has been updated to NGP7 with the corresponding FixUp / FMOD update to version 5.0. Both the EasyRBR update and the NPG and FixUp updates are fully automated.

EasyRBR update to version EasyRBR v

EasyRBR update to version

EasyRBR still remains under construction for a while.  This is the latest version For this version, I’ve made a few additions, features like a dialog to configure some RBR settings and a separate mods section. In the future, I can easily add some mods to this section. And a few minor bugs have been […]

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