There are a huge number of high-quality mods for the rally simulator RBR freely available on the internet.
Not long after the release of Richard Burns Rally (RBR), the Czech community has provided a very stable online tournament platform through which online championships could be organized. The Czech Wally has also provided a great tool, Wallaby, to create new rally tracks.

In recent years, the RBR community has provided over 200 new cars and many new rally special stages from all over the world.

However, installing and setting up these mods is a challenge. Not to mention finding the right mods on the internet.

And for these tasks, we are developing EasyRBR.
We want to make things easy for both beginners and veteran RBR players.

So no endless searching on the internet for suitable mods and no need to move all kinds of files and not have to modify configuration files yourself.
Our goal is for EasyRBR to perform all these tasks for you.

The first part of the construction, the car manager, is completely finished.
Other features are now being developed and we hope to be able to implement them soon.
EasyRBR has an update system so further updates are downloaded and installed automatically.

Below you will find a small installer that will help you install EasyRBR on your computer.
We do not recommend installing EasyRBR in the Richard Burns Rally game folder.

Because EasyRBR is still under development, we have to point out that there is a chance that things could still go wrong and your RBR installation will not function properly anymore. Our advice is therefore to make a backup of your installation before you start using EasyRBR.

If you have any questions you can always email me (plankgass@hotmail.com) or leave me a message below.

Application updates & fixes:

Update to version deployed

Server back online and hotfix version deployed

Server temporarily off-line


  • Good jobb, been wating long time for this,
    I belive in you to ceap working on this, it will tak rbr back to life again 😀
    Thanks =)))))

  • You never said this thing installs NGP physics to the game!

    I uninstalled it, but the game now still looks for that particular physics.rbz file, and not my Physics folder, that I used prior to installment of your tool, and as a result, crashes to desktop.
    Is there any way I can revert to my original game, without having to re-install it?

    • Yes, if you used the uninstaller to uninstall EasyRBR then the original physics.rbz and Cars.ini are in the “bu” folder.
      You can copy them back to your RBR game folders.

      • Yep, thanks
        But the game still goes to the physics.rbz file, instead to Physics folder…
        I’ve found the way of editing that rbz file, though, so I’m OK now.


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