Progress new RBR track Gestel 2

Here is a brief update on the construction of the new RBR track Gestel 2. It did take some time for me to become acquainted with Blender. But it was well worth it because the RBR Blender Add-on has made significant progress. This Blender addon has considerably enlarged the creative and technical possibilities for us track builders, and I must express my gratitude to the folks who made this all possible. For those who don't already know, more information about the addon can be found here: Blender Track Exporter

The Gestel 2 rally special stage is based on an almost entire reversed layout of Gestel 1. However, it also includes a huge new section.
This new section's track surface is pretty much complete.

I also managed to export the track to RBR without error pretty quickly.
With the addon, this is easier than it was with Wallaby, hence work speed boosts.

For now, most of the tricky work seems to be mostly done already, and all that's left is to place the static objects in the new section and put collisions, driveline, cameras, movable objects, pacenotes, and so on all over the rally stage. I will keep you all updated.


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October 15, 2022 2:24 PM

Fantastic to see you’re still in the stage designer business. Can’t wait to have a go.

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