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Update to version

Here’s another small update. From now on, I want to push updates faster. During boot, if not already done, a backup will be made of all existing pacenotes. All *.dls files can then be found in the bu_pacenotes folder. Furthermore, the sorting of the tracks tables temporarily disabled.

EasyRBR 0.8 released

EasyRBR 0.8 released

With this update the track manager becomes accessible. If you have already installed EasyRBR it is not necessary to reinstall EasyRBR. The application will take care of the update itself after you have started EasyRRB. And in case you haven’t installed EasyRBR yet, use the installer on this website to install EasyRBR. In this update, […]

Update to version 0.7.1

With this update a number of small changes have been implemented. It is now possible to make 2 or more cars, sharing the same folder name, accessible in EasyRBR. For instance, the Toyota Celica 2000GT-FOUR RC (ST185), with the 1992 version as well as the 1993 version. Both cars are now available, but you can […]

EasyRBR 0.7 released

EasyRBR 0.7 released

Version 0.7 has just been implemented. Also in this case, the application is updated automatically at startup. As you can see I have added a simple display settings dialog. This will be expanded later on. But also the car manager has been changed on some small details. I also carefully started the development of a […]

Update to version deployed

We have released a small update that fixes a number of small issues with the car manager. We’ve also added the possibility to remove cars from the server without polluting the locally installed folder structure. If all goes well the folders and files are now neatly arranged. In the meantime, we have been busy building […]

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