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Update to version 0.7.1

With this update a number of small changes have been implemented. It is now possible to make 2 or...

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EasyRBR 0.7 released

Version 0.7 has just been implemented. Also in this case, the application is updated automatically at startup. As you...

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Update to version 0.6.1.

Okay, things have changed. This new version of EasyRBR is pushed as soon as you start an old version....

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EasyRBR, back to eight car slots!

Today I decided to make EasyRBR suitable again for the standard 8 car slots as can be found in...

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EasyRBR server activities

17.02.2021 – Track added

Fernet Branca - Argentina

16.02.2021 – Update EasyRBR

Update EasyRBR to version

12.2.2021 – Update FixUp plugin

Updated FixUp plugin to version

09.02.2021 – Update FMOD sound banks

Update FMOD sound banks for:
Subaru Impreza N14 N4
Subaru Impreza N15 R4

08.02.2021 – Track added

Rally School Czech

07.02.2021 – Track and car added

New track: Vargassence
New car: Alpine A110 Rally RGT

03.02.2021 – FMOD sound bank update

Updated FMOD sound banks for Lancia Stratos HF Grp4



EasyRBR for Richard Burns Rally.


Gestel 1


Rally Special Stage Gestel 1 for Richard Burns Rally is a full tarmac rally track.

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PTD RallySprint 1.1


PTD RallySprint 1.1 for Richard Burns Rally.

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