Rally Special Stage PTD RallySprint 1.1

PTD RallySprint is a scratch-build rally special stage for Richard Burns Rally. The rally track consist of tarmac with slippery forest sections.

If you use the installer, the track will be installed in track slot 107 and can be driven through the Czech plugin in shakedown mode and, if available, in online tournaments.

Of course you can also drive the track without the Czech plugin.

What you should do is:
Open the tracks.ini file which is located in you RBR/maps folder.

Search for the text:

TrackName = "Maps\track-25"
Particles = "Maps\ps_british"

And replace this text with:

TrackName = "Maps\track-107"
Particles = "Maps\ps_british"

Now you can drive the rallysprint instead of Chirdonhead II.

Length of the track: 5146m.
Location track: Fictional.
License: Free.
Version: 1.1.
Releasedate: 6 november 2008.
File size: 45MB
Filename: RBRPTDRallySprint11.exe

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