Rally Special Stage Gestel 1

Gestel 1 is a tarmac rally special stage for Richard Burns Rally.
The rally track consists of very little height difference. Long straights with fast curves but also a large number of right angles as you often see in Dutch rally stages. Gestel 1 starts on an industrial estate. Afterwards, the rally stage continues beyond the built-up area, through a small village and agricultural landscape.

You can install this rally special stage with an installer which you can download below. The installer will guide you through the installation process.
I hope you enjoy it.

Length of the track: 7193m.
Location track: Fictional (The Netherlands).
License: Free.
Version: 1.0.
Releasedate: June 5, 2016
File size: 131MB
Filename: RBR_Gestel10.exe

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