EasyRBR December 2017 Development Update

After a long period in which I did not work on EasyRBR, I started again. In that period I tried many other race simulators and did some modding here and there, but not enough to publish something.
Anyway, EasyRBR is back on my desk. Below are two screenshots of EasyRBR as far as it is now developed. To keep the installer as small as possible, the cars can be downloaded individually. I am still looking for the most suitable cloud service to make all files available for the application.

As you can see below, it is also possible to install multiple carskins. In addition, I also want to build in the possibility to upload your own skins.

There are many more items on my wish list. Like managing tracks and sounds.
It would be nice if I got some feedback from the community. So do not hesitate to send me a message with your wishes for Richard Burns Rally. Or leave a comment below.


    • I agree with that. It’s at the top of my priority list.
      I am already experimenting with the sounds. As it looks now RBR unfortunately has big limitations in this area. The more challenging..

  • I just want your program to get out to everyone, i have seen many programs and tracks that never get finnish.
    A lot of thins can happand, people die, kids come.
    I dont want u to work to long and something happens, better to update more features later one. 🙂
    Change tires that work on BTB RX tracks, is most importent to me. Dosent work with “Wrongtire” for me. Have tired several different rbr.
    I like snow tracks.

    • I am planning to put a beta version online soon.
      Easy RBR becomes fully compatible and in a sense depends on the Czech tournaments plugin. The RX plugin has never been completed and is not (yet) on my wish list.

  • Hello! Nice work.
    Maybe change view setting (bonnet2, …)?
    Using offline, and add cars manually (with all options)?

    • View settings; you mean more available views?
      Using offline; check!
      Add cars manually; do you mean an option for car developers and beta testers?

  • Hello
    – View setting, i mean change setting.ini for change view
    – add cars, I mean for use with non NGP cars



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